UK Golf Club Management Blog & Podcast

UK Golf Club Management Blog & Podcast


Welcome to my blog - thank you for visiting!

In my career to date I have managed 5 Members' Golf Clubs across 2 countries, experiencing many different challenges and certainly learning many, many lessons along the way.

A Past Captain of the Golf Club Managers' Association of Wales where I also served as a Wales regional committee member for 6 years as well as acting as their representitive on Wales Golf before more recently stepping up to being elected as a Wales Golf Councillor in 2016.  I was elected as a Director of the Golf Club Managers' Association in June 2020 for a four yer term.

As a result of working with such a great team I have been fortunate enough to be in a position to receive a number of nominations and awards from the presigious 59Club Annual Awards in recent years.

If the above credentials make you think I may have a one sided view, then you should know that I am also a Member of a Members' Golf Club too. It is my local Club, and is the place I learned to play the game from the age of 8.

For the best look at my thoughts and viewpoints go to my Podcast 

Like many Golf Club Managers, I often find myself asking why I do the job that I do, but like so many others it certainly is a sadistic love that we all have for what we do. I do hope that in reading my blog I will provide the reader with a small insight into the world of a Golf Club Manager.

However, please in doing so you accept that my comments and opinions are striclty my own, are not reflective of the views of any Golf Club, Association or National Union and most importantly are not and never will be specific to any one Golf Club.

Finally, if you are so serious that you can't take the odd light hearted joke, maybe this isn't the blog for you!

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